For the Walkers & Hikers Among Us

Greetings from Thailand!

Our Samui LiveAway is now complete – I had hoped to make this a ‘Greetings from Singapore’, but a plane delay has kept us in Koh Samui longer than expected. At least it’s warm!

And, as far as airports go, this one would rank very highly on a list of ones you’d choose if you had to wait around for a while, as it’s mostly open air and not very large.

We’ll be in Singapore just a few short days before our Bali LiveAway begins, with our Malta LiveAway beginning not long after that, and our Madeira program this year already underway…lots of movement of community underway!

Speaking of Madeira, I’m pleased this week to release the 2024 edition of our Madeira LiveAway, in what will be our third visit to the ‘Island of Eternal Spring.’

That spring-ness is a big part of the reason we keep going back, as are the seemingly endless opportunities to enjoy the island’s natural beauty. Keeping active is a theme that keeps coming up when I speak to travellers in our community, and this trip is – in more ways than one – a paradise for the active traveller who enjoys walking and hiking.

There are kilometres upon kilometres of levadas, the irrigation canals that funnel water from the mountains of Madeira to the farms and settlements at lower elevations. These are mostly even footpaths crossing through the hills and forests of Madeira, quiet and saturated with various shades of green.

And then there are the hikes, to the spectacular viewpoints amidst the peaks of the island’s mountains. There is an abundance of trails to choose from with a variety of challenge levels, each with its own special display of Madeira’s beauty. One could conceivably choose a different trail or levada every day while there and never walk the same route twice.

Complementing the natural beauty and active infrastructure is the weather, consistently 17-20 degrees in February, occasionally warmer and without too much rain. The food is excellent and exactly what an active traveller needs, most of it either fresh from the sea or grown in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil on the island.

All in all, the month we spent there in 2022 was both relaxing and invigorating, and it remains high on my personal list for a return at some point. For our 2024 program, you could join us for 2, 4, or 6 weeks in Madeira, or join us for a few weeks in Malta or Cyprus (both in the release pipeline) afterward.

So, the itinerary is in your newsletter should you be interested, as is the webinar we did this past week on it if you prefer it a video format.

This brought back many great memories of walking in Madeira, but now I’ve got to run to catch a plane in Samui! There’s lots more on the way, and do let us know if you’d like to join us on an upcoming adventure.


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