Future LiveAways & upcoming webinars

Greetings from Thailand!

This past week we looked to the future of our LiveAway programs in our LiveAways: Next Steps webinar, where we did a bit of a deeper dive into what it might look like to spend a month in Bali, Tuscany, Malta, or Colombia (you can watch the replay here if you’re curious).

I’ve since gotten tons of great feedback, with Tuscany (perhaps unsurprisingly) coming out as the most popular, though with lots of interest in all of the options. I’ll be following up in the future weeks and months as we figure out where to slot those trips in, but for now it’s exciting to think about – I very much appreciate all of your feedback!

I generally believe that ‘slow travel’ will be more of a thing in the post-pandemic world, and I think it’s great. Even though all of our lives were slowed down over the past year and many of us are in a bit of a rush to get back to travelling, that doesn’t mean rushing through our travel experiences is the way forward.

On the contrary, I think one of the other lessons of the past year or so is that we should appreciate and enjoy our freedoms, friends, and loved ones as much as possible, for they are precious and deserving of our full attention, lest they be taken away before we are able to give them that.

Travel, freedom, friends…they are such wonderful gifts and I truly look forward to celebrating them all with you over a glass of wine as we explore the globe together.

I’ll end with a quick note about two upcoming webinars for two trips next spring, one for Porto & the Azores happening next week, and the other for Gardens of England & France, happening the following week. If you’re curious or interested or both, you can find registration links in your newsletter 🙂


P.S. A quick reminder – the early booking bonus for our Samui & Madeira LiveAway programs ends March 31 (get an extra $200 in activity credit + no deposit until June), so if you’re at all interested in joining us, it’s no real obligation and you may as well put your name on the list!

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