Getting excited about missed connections

Greetings from Thailand!

The weeks of the new year are whipping by, and our first Wheel & Anchor program in two years is fast approaching. Two years of talking with this community at a distance, via webinars, the phone, and this newsletter will soon be over with the first opportunity to see some of our members in person.

The trip is of course exciting, but it’s the connections (with our members…not flights) that I’m looking forward to more. Our whole intention in calling Wheel & Anchor a community was to foster greater friendships and connections between travellers, and I’m delighted that we will finally get to live that intention once again.

Madeira will also be our first LiveAway program, which is to me the perfect concept and environment for bringing travellers together. More time in our destination, more time spent together, more laughs, wine, and great conversations.

When I reflect back on my life and career as a traveller, the meeting new people and forging of relationships stands out to me as the true gift of my travels, and it has given me boundless energy to do it again and again. It’s where travel has been most meaningful for me, and it’s given me the fortitude to withstand the last two years of trials.

I think this one in particular will be energizing, after long months of isolation and separateness, and it will be a delight to have a different kind of shared experience than the past several years!

For those unable to make it on this one, or those new to our community and our whole LiveAway concept, I hope this ethos resonates and that you’ll consider joining us in the coming weeks for our 2023 LiveAway webinars. We’re trying to set up a really great adventure for the better part of the winter should you so desire…you’ll find the links in your newsletter.

Two small scheduling changes to note before I wrap this up – we’ve had to move our Bali LiveAway webinar one day earlier due to a conflict with my flight to Madeira – it will now be on Jan 2 at 11AM EST. If you’ve already registered you will have received an email from Zoom letting you know of the change.

We also had to bump our Porto & the Douro Valley webinar ahead a week to this Thursday (Jan 27), so if you couldn’t make it last week, you have another chance; the full itinerary is also in your newsletter for your perusal.

Lots more to come, so stay safe and stay tuned. Resilience remains the name of the game and we will outlast this wave just as we have the past ones.


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