Spain, Portugal, & Prizes – Greetings from Azerbaijan!

Greetings from Baku, Azerbaijan!

We’re on the road, where I feel most alive, and life is good.


Tomorrow we enter into the Alazani Valley in eastern Georgia, where we’re looking forward to our first encounter with Georgian wines in their natural habitat.

Baku is a very cool city with some very modern architecture like the Flame Towers, the Heydar Aliyev Museum and the new football stadium, all of which create quite the contrast with the ancient parts of the city that hail back to the days of the Silk Road.

Overall it’s super clean, the people incredibly friendly. I would describe the energy as similar to that of a Western European city, complete with old stone facades reminiscent of Paris. The downtown core is lively at night with lots of restaurants and bars, again with a Madrid or Paris feel to it.

Wheel & Anchor in Baku, Azerbaijan
Wheel & Anchor in Baku, Azerbaijan

Lots of fun things to come…next week we’ll be coming to you from Georgia, so stay tuned!

Now, on to a few things mentioned in the video:

The Atlantic Coast of Spain & Portugal

I’m delighted to announce a new Wheel & Anchor tour, this time to an area that many members had expressed interested in – the Iberian Coast.

Like most of our programs, The Atlantic Coast of Spain & Portugal features longer stays in a few strategic spots that offer a number of great day trips, and the kind of atmosphere that you want soak in for a few days.

We haven’t released the full pricing and itinerary as we still have to finalize a few details with the hotels, but it will be ready soon. Those interested can register their interest by clicking the ‘Send Me More Information button.

Symbol of the Camino de Santiago in Spain
Symbol of the Camino de Santiago in Spain

Sharing photos in the Facebook group

I’ll be posting a few photos and video updates as we make our way on our trip in the Wheel & Anchor Facebook group, and also on our Instagram page, so find us in either place if you’d like to follow our journey.

Prizes at the Zoomer Show

Ok here’s how this works. Our community is the key to Wheel and Anchor, and our doors are always open. To help spread the message we are doing a membership drive to grow our community of travellers from now until November 15, and as part of our sponsorship of the Zoomer Show we’re doing a prize draw for new members.

Prizes include a Tumi luggage set, Bose noise-masking Sleepbuds, tickets to our Dear Evan Hansen musical event in March, and a Wheel & Anchor journal set, so definitely some cool stuff for travellers in there.

4th prize is a Wheel & Anchor Member Pack!
4th prize is a Wheel & Anchor Member Pack!

We’re going to announce the winners in our November 17 newsletter, so if you have any traveller friends that might enjoy the stories and being part of the community, now is the best time to invite them to subscribe to our newsletter!

Secondly, while this is part of an effort to grow our community, we want to include our existing members in all the fun, and many of you are still quite new to us.

To that end, help us get to know you and your travel dreams by filling out our member questionnaire before November 15, and we’ll enter your name in the draw as well.

And if you’ve already filled out the questionnaire, no need to do it again, you’ve already been entered!

Lastly, if you’d like to check out the Zoomer Show (and come say hi to us!) you can grab free tickets from us here.

Lots more adventure to come…carpe diem!

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