Greetings from Corsica + a New Island-Hopping Adventure

Greetings from Corsica!

I’ve spent a lovely few days here doing reconnaissance for an upcoming LiveAway, and I’m very impressed with everything I’ve seen so far.

The roads along the coast are full of really incredible views, and the whole vibe has been very peaceful as the end of the shoulder season here winds down.

Although it’s well-known to European travellers, not so many Canadians make their way to this French island, and thus it fits our philosophy of finding different ways and places to explore away from the familiar.

I’ve got this slotted in for the April / May 2024, so should you be intrigued, stay tuned for our webinar at a later date when we get all the details together.

Returning to trips for 2023, our programs for Koh Samui, Bali, and Costa Rica are now full, and space disappearing quickly for others in the first half of next year. Getting and holding space remains challenging, so prudence suggests acting soon if you haven’t made plans yet but are thinking about travelling then.

Or, if travelling in the fall next year is more appealing, I’m pleased to release another program for next September, the return of a unique trip through the Greek Islands that was previously postponed due to global inconveniences.

I call it unique because the vast majority of travellers who visit the islands in this program – Crete, Santorini, Naxos, Paros, and Syros – do so via one of the popular cruises through the archipelago.

While that approach may get you to more islands, quantity in this case comes with a sacrifice of quality, with just a brief few hours to explore on each stop before reboarding your ship.

In particular what is lost when visiting the Greek Islands via a cruise is the chance to dine over the sunset vistas for which the region is so famous, and the chance to visit her surprisingly good wineries slightly further afield.

We however will accept no such limitations, and will explore by spending a few nights on each island – apart from a single night in Paros – and make our way between them via local ferries. Less rush, more dining, and a more local way to get around.

The islands are spectacular as the photos well show, and if you’ve got Greece on your list I think it’s highly worthy of your consideration. The full itinerary is in your newsletter and the webinar replay can be found here.

Coming up next week we’ve got a webinar for our Yachting in Tahiti & French Polynesia program, also happening in the fall of 2023. We’ll board a sleek motoryacht and make our way to visit Bora Bora, the Society Islands, and other less well-known spots in French Polynesia. Do join us should you be interested.

From here I’m off for the second of my three LiveAway reconnaissance trips, this one to Sardinia, followed by a trip all the way out to the Indian Ocean to check out Mauritius.

Lots more to come – be well and do get in touch with any questions or comments.


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