Hello from Taxco!

Over the past few years I have been hearing from a growing number of traveller friends of mine that Mexico City is worthy of a closer look.

I’ve just returned, and indeed it most certainly is, and, as with most places – and certainly one the size of Mexico City – the key is knowing where to look.

I’m still pulling my notes together from the whole trip, but I wanted to share some of we were doing there in a short video from the charming city of Taxco, ninety minutes or so to the southwest of Mexico City.

[youtube https://youtu.be/vw-bjmonUSE]

I loved the place immediately – it’s exactly the kind of place you want to slow down in, enjoy lunch on a terrace, then meander through the artisan jewellery shops.

Silver lodes were discovered here by the Spanish in the 1500s, and mining was the main industry of the town until recently. All that silver led to the development of a network of silversmiths and artisans, and now the main industry in the town is generated from tourism beckoned by their handicrafts.

A view of Taxco, Mexico

.The Cathedral in centre of town (you can see it behind me at the beginning of the video) is magnificent

Lastly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Volkswagen Beetles in one place, a bizarre European twist to a very cool experience. Not a single new one – all of them were the old models and in full use.

Volkswagen Beetle taxis in Taxco

It’s one of those quirky little places that you immediately warm up to, and the kind that warrants a return visit, along with a number of Mexico City’s happening neighbourhoods.

All of this and more is part of our new 5-day Wheel & Anchor Weekends programs that we’ll be debuting this fall…stay tuned for more to come on that!

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