Hills: Civilized and Un-Civilized

Greetings from Thailand!

I trust that all is well back home, and I hope things are heating up appropriately so it’s a seamless transition for me when I come back in a few weeks 🙂

I’m looking forward to syncing with the slower pace of summer at some point, but we have a whole bunch of adventures to put out for the community before that’s happens.

Our current surge in new trip releases is sort-of-kind-of-not-really in sight, with a dozen or so more coming in short order. We only feature two in each newsletter to dial back the information overload, but you can find all the previously released trips in our full Trip List PDF if you’re wondering what you might have missed.

This week I’m pleased to release the first of several upcoming Italy programs, this one combining the marvellous hilltop towns of Cortona and the microstate of San Marino with the deeply inspiring artistic and cultural masterpiece that is the city of Florence.

We ran a few great LiveAway experiences in Tuscany over the past few years, but I felt it was time to shake things up a bit and add a little more movement in a region chock full of interesting places to explore. We’ll retain the best restaurants and other parts of our LiveAway, but venture a little further afield to a remnant of Italy’s city-state past – and the world’s fifth-smallest country – in San Marino.

Our other new program this week is the first ‘active’ program we’ve put together in a while, to trek through some of Argentina’s ruggedly beautiful Patagonia region.

Now, if you see all the incredible photos of Mount Fitz Roy in the itinerary and start thinking we’re going to be scaling peaks, it’s not that kind of hiking experience. We’ll certainly spend a lot of time gaping at them, but from some of the best routes in Los Glacieres National Park and in the Bariloche region of the country.

I’d say it’s a moderately challenging series of treks and hikes, but we aren’t doing any expert-level stuff. Just getting ourselves well and truly immersed in the energy of Patagonia’s forests, hills, and steppes.

On the whole I would have to say we could do a great deal more connecting with nature as a society, and I would extend that to here at Wheel & Anchor. We put a lot of emphasis on connecting with the people and cultures we visit, but I think it’s just as important to extend that intention to the delightfully un-civilized parts of our planet.

Mother Earth is calling to us to reconnect with her, and this trip is a chance to listen to that call and commune with nature in all her wild and majestic beauty. Take a look below and if it resonates, do get in touch and join us. The webinars for both programs are coming up in the week ahead, so you could also join us for those should you so be interested.

Coming rapidly down the pipeline are trips to Cornwall and Devon, a sojourn through South Italy and another through Sardinia, a trip to see the Chelsea Flowers show in the UK and jardins des plantes in France, and more…stay tuned and by all means reach out should you have any questions.

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