How an App Will Be Your Next Passport to Travel

Greetings from Thailand!

This past week we recapped the results of our annual Trip Inspirations survey and shared what we learned, what surprised us, and what some of the next steps are as we await the return of travel.

In one of the segments in the webinar I talked a little bit about protocols and precautions that could be implemented as part of the efforts to get travel and tourism going again. It’s still too early to say definitively what those will look like, but some trends are starting to emerge.

One the ideas out there is using an app to keep track of vaccination and testing history, as a way to verify and streamline data from health authorities so that airline staff and immigration authorities are not left guessing or dealing with ambiguous data.

There are a few companies out there developing these apps, and so in this week’s video I thought I’d dive into them a little bit to try and give you an idea of how they work and what you might expect.

As for things upcoming, we’ve already begun working on some of the trips you voted for in our Trip Inspirations survey, so stay tuned next week for the release of our first LiveAways itinerary for Koh Samui, a trip we’re planning for January 2022.

I’m quite excited to present the full picture of what Wheel & Anchor LiveAways will look like, and also to share a little bit about spending some of the winter in the south of Thailand, which I think is a bit off-the-radar for many in Canada, but has a ton to offer.

We’ll be doing a webinar about the program on February 4th – please join us if you are able via the registration link in your newsletter.

Lastly, I’d like to say thanks once again to all who participated in our Trip Inspirations survey and webinar, and for all the lovely emails I’ve received from curious and hopeful travellers in our community. I know it’s been a rough ride so far, but let’s hold on a little longer…good things are on the way.


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