The Iconic Trans-Siberian Railway Itinerary Magazine

I’m pleased to present our latest ‘Itinerary Magazine’ for our cross-continent rail crossing program, The Iconic Trans-Siberian Railway.

Have a scan through and you’ll get the visual idea of what’s waiting for you in Russia, China, and Mongolia. And if you have a few more minutes to read the stories, you’ll see there’s far more to this program than simply sitting on a train and watching landscapes shift and change before you.

Bert touches on a few of them, like the great Lake Baikal, or the towering statue of Genghis Khan near Ulaan-Bataar, or the amazing UNESCO Yunggang Grottoes, which we’ve included in this itinerary for Wheel & Anchor, but are not seen by most travellers

A brief note on these magazines: We designed these magazines to be viewed on an ipad, both so the pictures could really pop, but also to reduce our impact on the environment.

After 20+ years in the travel industry, one of my least favourite learnings has been about the lifecycle of most tour brochures.

The vast majority, printed in the tens of thousands, end up sitting on shelves gathering dust – occasionally making it to a front display case – before ending up in the trash to be replaced by the next year’s version.

This is not to say there is anything inherently wrong with printing – where would we be without the printing press! – but simply that we aspire to do it more efficient ways.

Wild horses in Siberia

We are more than happy to send you a print version in the mail of any of our magazines, or a print-ready copy you can print at home (it’s got a lot fewer photos – save those for the ipad!)

Just send us an email at and we will get you whatever information you need!

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