Introducing the Wheel & Anchor Team

Greetings from Georgian Bay, Ontario!

Here we are on the doorstep of August, and I must say it’s been a delight to experience my first Canadian summer in several years. My summers in Thailand during the pandemic were great in their own way, but the long days and cool nights of a proper Canadian summer are in a category of their own.

As you can probably imagine, those past few years were challenging for anyone and everyone working in tourism and hospitality sectors. We were operating with a skeleton crew for several years until travel could make its roaring comeback.

And, although it is a blessing to have survived the worst of the storm, we quickly found ourselves swamped with travellers keen to get back out into the world again.

There’s always a slight lag in matching capacity to demand in these kind of situations, but I’m pleased to say we’ve finally added a few new members to the team here at Wheel & Anchor…and we’re now ready for takeoff!

I’d like to introduce the whole team in a few sentences here, and hopefully someday you can put faces to these names on one of our trips 🙂

New to our Tour Creation & Operations team is Rossy, who is based in Cusco, Peru and who will be working closely with Elsa to deliver our next lineup of exciting trips. Elsa is in the midst of relocating from Jakarta to Johannesburg, South Africa.

We’ve also added a few new team members to our Sales & Member Services team, notably Barb and Mahalia, both of whom will give Paula some much-needed help and help us deliver a better quality of service to our community of travellers. Barb is based in Ajax while Mahalia is down in sunny Dominica.

Our Marketing & Website team is made up of Joel (who recently made a rare appearance here in Canada), Jing, who is based in Taichung, Taiwan, and our resident Travel Writer, Mike, who is currently set up in Scotland.

As you can see, we’re truly an international team of travellers! And we’re more committed than ever to delivering on our mission of creating and delivering trips all over the world for our community.

In particular, the past six months that I spent meeting and travelling with members new and old has made me more determined than ever to seize the day, and continue putting together unique ways for us all to come together doing what we love most.

On that note; this week we’re releasing the final part of our European LiveAway series next winter / spring – our return to Tuscany, following our Amalfi LiveAway. Next week we’ll be releasing our Caucasus Explorer program, followed shortly thereafter by our Palaces of India program; webinars for both can be found here.

We’re just getting geared up to release a bunch more trips, so stay tuned for more. And whatever you’re up to on this last weekend of July, I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it.


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