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Travel is about more than moving around, it’s about taking your time to stop and experience the places you're in and getting to know the people who live there.

To explore, discover, and travel is to feel alive. Our programs are designed to allow you to make the most of your visit to each place, and our events are designed to connect you with others who share your passion for travel.

All of our programs are specially designed and curated based on the interests of our community. We focus on staying a few nights in a few select places rather than bouncing to them all, giving you the chance to slow down and take in the beauty in front of you.



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Our recent tour to India was meticulously crafted, fun, and convivial

Gordon Dreger came to us recommended. As naturally skeptical, seasoned travelers, our sensors were on alert. It's a good thing too- we would not have wanted to miss a thing! His company, Wheel & Anchor, led by Gord delivered on all fronts. Our recent tour to India was meticulously crafted, fun, convivial, and showed superb interest in the welfare and enjoyment of the participants. The selection of local partners, locales, sights and pacing were all beyond reproach. Excellence is as important to Gord as it is to us.

When tremendous, exciting, experiences are delivered at the same time as value, satisfaction and safety, why would anyone consider others? Where are we going next, Gord?!

Peter & Lynne Kent

The tour selections, planning, and execution always exceed expectations

We have done a great deal of world travelling and have been extremely pleased with the approach taken by Gord. His tour selections, planning,and execution always exceed expectations. We would heartily recommend Wheel and Anchor and are excited for upcoming adventures!

John & Anne Harvey

Gordon's skills in organizing groups of all sizes are very impressive

Sandra and I have had the distinct pleasure of a number of recent trips in the last few years with Gordon Dreger as our tour leader.

We have traveled with Gordon to India, Dubai, Peru, Switzerland and Africa, all multi-week trips. Gordon's skills in organising groups of all sizes are very impressive, and his calm nature and control of all the details is simply amazing. His handling of all of the varying personalities in the Groups is outstanding, as he is always in control, but not overbearing. Gordon can very ably mange his tours by always being in full control but still be just one of the group, very tricky to achieve. We have always trusted Gordon to look after us, keep us safe, and we felt that we always received good value for our money.

John & Anne Harvey

We have traveled with Gordon Dreger many times and found him attentive, considerate and understanding of the needs of the group

We have travelled with Gordon Dreger many times and found him attentive, considerate and understanding of the needs of the group. He has the ability to adapt to the conditions presented to him and is flexible enough to react. All in all, a wonderful leader and we would recommend him to those who expect perfection!

Peter & Lynne Kent


Whether walking through Italy’s stunning lake district or exploring the Samurai culture of Japan, here is a taste of what’s in store…

Active Wellness Czech Slovakia

1st October 2024 – 15th October 2024


Join Wheel & Anchor to embark on a 15-day “Active Wellness” journey in Central Europe. Starting in Vienna, we’ll head to Piešťany where we will explore castles and enjoy spa days. Then move on to Karlovy Vary for seven nights with visits to Prague. Discover Cheb, Marianske Lazne, and historic castles, concluding with spa immersion in Karlovy Vary. The program includes two tailored spa regimes, each with a medical assessment for personalized treatments.

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Boating the Canal du Midi 2024

16th May 2024 – 26th May 2024

Join a small group of travellers for a unique program sailing along the Canal du Midi in southern France. We’ll sail over 130km of the 240km of canals that connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean. See the idyllic French countryside, dotted with ruins stretching back to Roman times amidst quaint French towns and villages.

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