Looking Ahead to Future Adventures

Greetings from Saint-Tropez, France!

I am very pleased – and somewhat relieved – to be finally able to present to you our 2024 Trip Planning calendar this week. It was quite the job to pull this together, but it was also quite enjoyable…there are just so many tantalizing places to be go!

Each one is something to anticipate and dream about, and as always with planning future adventures, they’re a source of enthusiasm and life energy. I’ve long believed in the benefits of having travel plans in my calendar, and I know many other travellers who feel the same.

Simply put, it’s life-affirming to get excited about exploring somewhere new, and in that spirit I invite you to take a look at our propositions for 2024.

The biggest challenge in putting together a year’s worth of trips is in the synchronization of trips and fitting everything in their ideal seasonal windows. I’ve tried to create opportunities to link trips together when and where it makes sense, as you’ll see with the proposed overlapping LiveAway structure and in other complementary programs.

The intention of this document is to allow you to bookmark any adventures you might like to join us for in 2024 in your calendar. We don’t have full itineraries for the vast majority of these yet, but we intend to release all of the detailed itineraries at least a year in advance, wherever possible.

The turmoil in the industry is making long term planning more challenging than it used to be, as current demand has the full attention of most of our partners around the globe. I can’t say as to whether this will subside anytime soon, but we’re getting out in front by having a plan.

In some cases, like our yachting program in Turkey or Rovos Rail program in southern Africa, space is hard to come by, and it therefore is massively helpful for us to know which programs you’re interested in so we can make the necessary commitments.

At the end you’ll find a link to a very short questionnaire where you can put your name on the list for any trips that speak to you (or let us know if you didn’t see somewhere you wanted to go!)

As always, I massively appreciate your input and your feedback, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about exploring together in 2024.


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