Member Feedback From Recent Adventures

Greetings from Estonia!

I’ve had a lovely time exploring Tallinn recently, a very interesting city with a very old Baltic style to it in the middle of a transition into one of Europe’s hotspots for skilled tech and IT workers.

As a result there are many little cafes with excellent WiFi and cozy nooks in which one can settle down to get a few things done, and it’s relatively socially acceptable to get out the laptop for a bit 🙂

One of the things on my list was to review the early feedback forms from our just completed Ireland trip and our just just completed Greek island-hopping program.

As we approach our 300th(!) newsletter, I realize I’ve spent many words trying to capture the ideal of travel we’re going for…but it’s one thing to hear from me and another to hear it from our members who go on them.

I haven’t received all the feedback forms yet but the first ones in are all pointing in the right direction. Here’s the thoughts of a few members, copy & pasted in with their blessing.

First up is Dan and Lynda on our Ireland trip:

We would like to thank you and your company for a wonderful tour of the Emerald Isle. I believe we are definitely speaking on behalf of all the members in our group when we say Paul was one of the best tour guides you could find.

I met Paul when I hosted last year’s Ireland trip and I knew almost immediately he would be a perfect host, someone who gets the Wheel & Anchor ‘vibe’ – thanks Dan & Lynda!

Another member, Ed, had this to say about Ireland:

This is our 3rd W&A trip, I continue to brag about the quality of the entire trip. Our friends who came with us also and enjoyed their trip and thanked me for suggesting your company. My hat is off to Gordon and the entire W&A team.

I was quite pleased with the flow of the Ireland trip last year – I felt it was a very thorough investigation of Ireland and its different charms, each part contributing something special to the trip as a whole, and I’m glad to hear the same from our members.

And as it’s not polite for us to brag, I appreciate Ed doing it on our team’s behalf – thanks Ed!

And the last I’ll share is from Diane, one of the first to share her review of our Greece trip:

Alfie was a wonderful host and helped with any issues. Each island was unique and I loved them all. You have a good travel company. Met many lovely people.

Several others mentioned the uniqueness of the islands and how much they enjoyed the smaller, less-visited ones, which is something I wrote about a few newsletters ago. It’s getting harder to avoid the tourist throngs, but the gems are still out there if you know where to look – thanks Diane!

Finding the right hosts and the right itinerary for the right destination for the right group of members is a lot of things to get right, and thus I’m very pleased when it goes well. Thanks to all for your feedback and participation in our travel community!

Just a few quick notes before signing off – I’m pleased to release our pair of Vietnam programs for next year, happening in sequential fashion as with this year.

Both of our trips happening this November are nearly fully sold out and I’ve received many inquiries from members who already had plans this year about whether we’ll visit again in 2024.

There’s something ‘in’ about Vietnam in the travel world right now; it’s one of those rising star destinations and I think there are many good reasons for that. Take a look in your newsletter should you be interested in joining us.

Lots more on the way – the webinar list grows ever longer and the pipeline isn’t empty yet. Be well, stay tuned and do get in touch should you have any comments or feedback.


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