Member Questions: Future trips, Travel Insurance Tips, & More

Greetings from Thailand!

We’ve had a lot of questions come in from the community recently, so I’ve made a short video this week to answer some of them.

Many people have asked about trips beyond even 2022, as next year they’ll be going on trips that were cancelled and rescheduled in the past year and a half or so. We’ve got a whole lot of things in the pipeline, which will all be going up on our tours page as ‘In Development’, which allows you to put your name on a list to be notified as soon as they’re ready.

Upcoming ones for the latter part of 2022 include our Tuscany LiveAway, Peru, Germany & the Benelux ‘5×5’, Boating the Canal du Midi, Yachting the Turkish Mediterranean, Australian Rail Journey, Yachting in Tahiti & French Polynesia, a New Zealand LiveAway, and more. We’ll be putting up ones for 2023 shortly as well.

Speaking of the first on that list, a number of questions have come in asking about our Tuscany LiveAway program, which is currently in development. We’ve had to push the webinar date back to July 8 as one of the villas is undergoing some renovations, so we’ll wait to get the newest photos of it. All in all it looks to be a great program and a wonderful way to spend a month in Italy.

I’d like to end by celebrating the progress Canada has made in getting people vaccinated, as it looks like nearly 55% have received at least one shot. Certainly the first step to travelling is for things at home to be safe and under control, and we’re well on the way.

There are still lots of challenges ahead and many places abroad are battling surges. The world has been battered and many countries like Thailand, that depend on tourism for their livelihoods, are anxiously waiting for the tourists to return. Balance has not yet returned to the system, but we can see glimpses of a better future ahead. It’s a good time to find things to anticipate so we can all hang in there a bit longer 🙂

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