Member Questions! Solo Travellers, Single Supplements, Group Sizes & More

Greetings from Creemore, Ontario!

I had some time on the way here to take a quick look through some recent questions from the newest entries on our New Member Questionnaire, including questions about solo travellers and single supplements, group sizes, how we plan our trips, and more.

We’ve had a great many new members join us since the last time I made it to Member Questions, so I made a short video below answering those for the latest additions to our community of travellers.

Before the pandemic put a stop to them, we used to answer lots of these kind of questions through the events we put on across Canada, and we’ve been so busy putting trips together since things restarted that we haven’t been able to get those fired up again yet. The question of when we will get back to doing them is another one that came up a lot, so here’s where we are on that one.

I was tempted to try to organize some for this return home, but I’ve just had too many other things on my plate with all the new trip releases we’ve had over the past few months. However they remain a critical piece of what we’re really trying to do – bringing travellers together – and thus they remain on our radar, in the soon-but-I-can’t-say-for-sure-exactly-when category of things.

Here and there we have members and hosts connect and reconnect after trips or to attend events together, which I think is fantastic and would love to facilitate more of whenever possible.

The geographical complexities of Canada are so inconvenient that it almost seems a fool’s errand to even try to bring a community as widespread as ours together, but in a way that just makes it all the more wonderful when we can pull it off!

Meeting and getting to know other travellers like yourself is the key to opportunities and invitations for all sorts of adventures, and the more we do it the more connected and in sync we all become, which inevitably leads to more magic when we head off to far-flung places to explore together.

So, stay tuned for more on this and I will come back to it once we have some more solidified plans to share.

Briefly, on trips – I’m pleased this week to present two more Fall 2024 programs, the first our return to the majestic Caucasus mountains of Georgia and Armenia in Sept / Oct 2024, and the second another sailing of our sold-out for 2023 Yachting in Tahiti & French Polynesia program happening in early November 2024.

Both programs fit in the aforementioned far-flung category, but we’re well over a year away for both and thus there’s lots of time to think about heading off to explore some places you may not have had on your travel radar. Both itineraries can be found in your newsletter should you be interested.

I trust you’re savouring the deep summer vibes of August as I am – stay tuned for lots more to come in the weeks ahead 🙂


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