Merry Christmas from all of us at Wheel & Anchor

Greetings from Thailand!

And Merry Christmas! I will (for once) keep this newsletter short – it is Christmas Eve, after all.

I said a number of things about intentions last week, and lest you think my intentions always pan out, our goal of getting 7 trips launched in a few short weeks was a bit ambitious…though we almost did it.These last ones are coming through in stoppage time.

Ireland and Galapagos are new in your newsletter this week, and we will have the second Morocco program for 2023 complete in early January. The only thing with these last ones is that if you’d like to reserve a spot, you can by all means leave a message or drop us an email; please just note that we will get back to you within the first week back in January.

That’s it for trips for the year, and so all I have left to say is thank you – to my team, to our partners, and to our community here! There’s something special going on here and it wouldn’t be possible without each of those parts contributing to a greater whole. We have many great adventures ahead together 🙂

I wish you a warm and happy holidays, full of cheer and connection, and I look forward to connecting with you in the exciting year ahead.

I’ll sign off here – stay warm, stay safe, and stay tuned – the best is still to come.


P.S. I’m aware that this isn’t a happy time for everyone; the holidays can be a lonely and difficult time for some. If you’re in this category, I empathize with you…it’s too late to do something about it this year, but perhaps next year we could put together a little trip over Christmas for those who might like to spend it away…

Somewhere warm and interesting would be the starting point…if you might be into it, drop me a note and I’ll see what we can do 🙂

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