More Member Questions Feat. Alfie

G’idday, Mates!

One of those greetings that neither works well in the plural, nor looks good in writing…but nonetheless an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up 🙂

I made the longer-than-you-think hop from French Polynesia to Australia to continue my 2023 reconnaissance tour and had the chance to link up with W&A host Alfie and his lovely girlfriend Lily here in Melbourne.

Many of our members mention Australia remains on their lists in our New Member Questionnaire, but it’s been a bit of a challenge putting programs together in Australia post-pandemic, mainly due to roaring demand in a still-depleted industry supply.

My main goal on these missions is to make the requisite local & direct contacts for building our programs, and to dig deeper into the roads less travelled but with more to offer. Beyond our 2024 program we haven’t put together another Australia trip yet but that will change once I’ve finished this trip.

Speaking of the New Member Questionnaire, I took the chance to get some of Alfie’s wisdom and insights in this week’s video where we answered some recent questions from the questionnaire. Those include:

  • Are your trips structured, or is there room to go and experience the moment in the environment people find themselves in?
  • What are your most popular trips?
  • Do all the trips originate from Ontario?
  • How long in advance do we put together our trips?

And, briefly, on new trips – I’m pleased this week to release our revamped Lyon & Burgundy trip for the fall of 2024, which, while not a foodie tour per se, is indeed a trip for anyone who loves excellent food. It’s a delightful balance of exploring in Lyon, Dijon and Beaune, with wine-tasting, a Michelin-Star experience and a whole lot of excellent French cuisine along the way.

Do take a look in your newlsetter if you’re curious, and should you be interested in seeing even more of France, you may also consider joining us to Provence and the French Riviera, which happens right after Lyon & Burgundy in October.

Lots more to come with our webinar schedule kicking back into gear, including one on December 7 for an upcoming Antarctica adventure. If a little frontiering is in your interests, do join us for that as well.

I’ll sign off here – be well, be warm and stay tuned for more adventures in the weeks ahead.


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