More of Your Questions Answered

Ciao from Cortona, Italy!

Our 5th trip of the 2022 has officially begun here in Italy, and the charm of this magnificent country remains as alluring as ever. There will be a short break for me after this one, which is needed so that we can get out some of the new programs that are piling up on my (virtual) desk!

There were a number of questions about new programs recently on our New Member Questionnaire recently, as well as a number of others, and so I took some time while out for a walk here in the Tuscan countryside to answer a few of them.

I answered some questions on the level service we provide, our ‘extraordinary’ trips, how long we’ve been in the game, how long in advance you need to book one of our trips, and more, all of which you can find in my video below.

As for the new programs question – coming up in the weeks ahead are our May 2023 Croatia, Slovenia & the Adriatic Coast cruise program, our March 2023 New Zealand LiveAway, another LiveAway to the south coast of Sicily, Japan, India, and more.

We’ll of course do webinars for all of them, so stay tuned for those too, and if you’re free for our New Zealand and/our Adriatic Coast webinars coming up, do join us for a bit of banter 🙂

Lots more to come, and thanks for all your questions and feedback – there are many more adventures to come!


P.S. My apologies but I actually haven’t had time to go through all of the responses from last week’s Italy poll – thanks to everyone who shared their feedback! I’ll share the results in next week’s newsletter instead.

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