For those who’ve heard the call of India

Greetings from Thailand!

A quick bit of cleanup to start this week – we had a critical server error last week with the website, and it took our email down with it. If you tried to get in touch with myself or one of the team from this past Sunday to Tuesday, we may not have received your message. Please resend your email, and my apologies for the inconvenience.

As well – I think the links may not have worked for some in last week’s newsletter as a result. All should be in working order now!

With that behind us – last week we released a real adventure through the Caucasus mountains in Georgia and Armenia, and we’re following that up this week with another adventure of a lifetime for the fall of 2023, this time to India.

India has long held a revered, almost mystical status in the minds of many travellers; it is one of those places that transcends the cliches and really does change your perspective on the world and the human condition.

It is a swirling vortex of architecture and art of staggering beauty set amidst crushing poverty, a place on the edge of chaos somehow underpinned by ancient spiritual energy. All this and the sheer magnitude of the human experiment that it is India give it a unique magnetic power.

If you’ve thought of doing India, this trip checks all the boxes and then some. And while I salute those who for whom India is a rite of passage to do solo, I contend that India is best explored as part of a small group. There are a number of experiences that are difficult or nigh impossible to do without a group, and your logistical challenges are greatly simplified vs doing it on your own.

And, to just go that extra kilometre with this experience, we’ll be staying in spectacular palace hotels once only reserved for royalty. They are worlds all of their own and very well may be the finest hotels you’ll ever experience.

We’ve also added two extension options following the 15-day main program. The first will take you to the south of India to houseboat along the vibrant green canals of Kerala, and the second will take you north to the foothills of the Himalayas to a spectacular Ayurvedic Spa to recharge and reinvigorate yourself before returning home.

All in all , there isn’t enough space for my words to do the place justice – the full itinerary is here should your curiosity be piqued, and the webinar replay can be found here.

Quickly wrapping up – though it’s slightly short notice, next week we’ll be relaunching our Safari Land & Sea: Southern Africa & the Seychelles program for 2023; do join us for the webinar which can be found here.

We had to jam it in because I’ll be incommunicado next week while doing a 7-day silent meditation retreat in Koh Samui. I can’t promise enlightenment, but I can promise more trips when I return 🙂


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