New Zealand 2024 & Costa Rica in December 2023

Greetings from Thailand!

After 5 months of travelling I am very much appreciating all the little joys of feeling ‘home’ again, though it will be delayed gratification for me because I started a detox regimen shortly after I got here.

The food in Europe and Africa was just outstanding, and I held nothing back. I don’t regret a single bite, but the shorts in my closet told me I would have to deal with the situation or get new ones…so, it’s time for a detox.

As luck would have it, there are few better places to do a cleanse of the system than here on Koh Phangan. The food here is fresh and healthy, fresh juice and coconuts are everywhere, and there are many healthy living specialists and centres on the island.

It’s just one of those places with a healthy vibration and thus the right place to get rebalanced. If you’d like to do a little wellness travel with us in Phangan, you could do it after a few weeks of our first Samui LiveAway in January, or before the second in February.

I think most of us don’t really identify as ‘wellness travellers,’ but most of us could also probably benefit from incorporating more wellness into our travels. Better health = more travel at the end of the day…a good reminder to be good to ourselves 🙂

Speaking of more travel, I’m pleased this week to release two new trips, the first to a highlight of many a Canadian traveller’s journeys to the incomparable islands of New Zealand.

It seems to me that there’s some connection between Canada and New Zealand that goes beyond Commonwealth relations. Almost every Canadian traveller I’ve met ranks who’s been ranks it near the top of their favourite trips, and tends to gush about it when prompted.

My parents were some of those travellers; after their first visit they kept going back for longer and longer each time. They loved to travel and did widely; that they would repeatedly go to one place, and one so far afield,

Perhaps it’s a country known for natural beauty that has a pugnacious larger neighbour thing; perhaps it’s something more than that. I just know there’s something about the place that seems to resonate with Canadians.

This one is a 22-day trip from the North Island, through the middle to the South Island, taking in the wineries, Maori culture, and spectacular landscapes along the way. I could say more but it’s better with pictures – you’ll find the itinerary below should you be interested.

Our second trip release this week is a December departure of our Costa Rica Eco Adventure program, an in-depth trip through several of the country’s best eco-resorts for a very intimate nature experience, with some beach time at the end.

The program, hotels and our host Martine all got great reviews from our January 2023 group that went to Costa Rica, so do take a look below if some jungle and some beach sounds good in December.

Things are flying off my desk now that I’m getting back in the groove – stay tuned for a bunch more trips coming in short order, including our Mauritius & Reunion Island LiveAway, a Patagonia Hiking program, a sojourn through Tuscany, and lots more in the weeks ahead.


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