Our Samui Trip So Far + Scottish Lochs & Castles

There are many, many things on the go but all is well in the world of Wheel & Anchor. Our LiveAway here in Koh Samui has gotten off to a terrific start, our group in Costa Rica is having a great time relaxing and exploring from the eco-lodges there, and we’re getting closer to the start of our next group over in Bali.

We’ve had to juggle the webinar schedule a bit with all the goings on, but this past week we did our first webinar of 2023, for the special Scotland trip we’ve pulled together for the Fall of 2024.

That’s a full 18 months away, but that’s simply the time frame needed to be able to secure the ship we’re chartering for the program. There aren’t many vessels that are small enough to fit in the Caledonian Canal, which is the main route we’ll be taking as we make our way from Inverness to Kyle of Lochsalch overlooking the Isle of Skye.

The Caledonian system connects the east and west coasts of Scotland, as well as North Sea and the Irish Sea. Only about a third of it is man-made; the rest of the route is made up of the deep, cold waters of Loch Dochfour, Loch Ness, Loch Oich, and Loch Lochy.

It was only a few months ago (feels like ages ago already) that a group of us boated our way along another famous European canal, the Canal du Midi. This route through Scotland offers similar treats – a less-travelled route, landscapes that can’t be captured from roads or rails, and the intimate experience of sailing with a small group of travellers.

We’ll visit some of Scotland’s most famous and photogenic castles, amidst a glut of spectacular scenery, as we will be catching the Scottish Highlands mid-autumn, from the middle of the mighty lochs themselves.

Anyhow, the pictures in the itinerary capture it better than my words ever will, so do take a look in your newsletter should you be interested. I’ve also linked the webinar replay there where one of our partners in Scotland shared more highlights of the sailing with us.

Lots more to come, including our rescheduled Costa Rica webinar, now happening on the 26th, as well as the rollout of our 2024 roster of LiveAways. Be warm, be well, and do let us know when you’ve decided on which adventures to join us for this year.


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