Pining for Portugal, Travel Trivia III winner & upcoming Tales of Egypt webinar

Greetings from Thailand!

I received quite a number of responses to my email last week musing about travel in the context of wider global events these days, and it was warming to hear from so many likeminded folks as we navigate the current environment together.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you with your thoughts and opinions, so thanks to all those who reached out!

I made just a short video this week with some upcoming items here at Wheel & Anchor:

We’ll be doing a webinar about our two new Azores programs that you can find below, one which is a ‘weekends’ style trip to just the Azores, and the other includes 5 nights exploring the underrated culinary and cultural city of Porto.

We’re also launching a new interview series July 7, where we’ll be interviewing interesting people from various destinations around the world to gain insight into life, history, culture, and more.

We’ll be kicking it off with Mohamed Younes, an Egyptologist and our gracious guide during the Egypt part of our trip in early 2020. He’s a fascinating speaker and possesses a great depth of knowledge on his country, and I very much encourage you to join us for this opportunity to learn firsthand about life in Egypt.

Lastly, in our poll of the week, what’s on your list here in Canada? Last week’s poll on relaxing trips came out with beach destinations on top (43%), perhaps unsurprising with summer not yet underway!

We’re staying optimistic and have some more programs on the way, including Yachting in the Turkish Mediterranean, an extension on our Bali program to Taiwan, and more. Though we may not be able to travel yet, we can stay inspired and keep dreaming of adventures to come.


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