Previewing the Southern Europe ideas we have for 2022

First off, I’d like to thank you for all the great feedback I’ve received thus far on our Future Travel Forum webinar, the new ‘5×5’ program structure we’re working on, and the Northern Europe itineraries we discussed.

I am particularly pleased that the ‘5×5’ structure is something that appeals to many travellers in our community, and we’ll be looking at destinations all over the world with that framework in mind for the next parts of the Future Travel Forum Series. Depending on how things go with the virus, vaccines etc, we may be able to squeeze in a ‘5×5’ in 2021, but for now we’ll wait and see what happens.

We dug into the pandemic and its impact on travel at length in the first episode, and unless something drastic changes we’ll keep the next ones more travel focused. I’m fairly certain we’re all saturated already when it comes to hearing about the virus these days! You can be sure we will continue to monitor things closely to figure out when we can safely get back to travelling again.

So, in part II this coming Thursday – let’s dive into Southern Europe! We’ll be looking at plans to explore Spain, Portugal, Italy, and more. As I was doing my research for these programs I found myself longing in particular to return to Italy, for the idyllic landscapes, the exquisite coffee, and of course the exceptional wines (the wine selection in here in Thailand leaves much to desired).

Please join us to dream a bit about Europe’s sunny south, and give us your input on where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do. You can find the registration link in this week’s email newsletter.


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