Recapping Long stays + Yachting in Turkey

Greetings from Thailand!

In this past week’s webinar A Short Chat about Long Stays we discussed four potential long stay plans for Wheel & Anchor – two warmer destinations in Costa Rica and Thailand, and two more temperate ones in Madeira and Cyprus.

As was noted by one our members on the webinar, those of us who like to spend portions of the winter cruising need some alternative options, and the same goes for those of us who like to spend all or some of the winter in the southern parts of the US.

It was a very interesting discussion and I was surprised by the preferences of destinations from those who joined us. Check out the replay and let me know your thoughts on long stays!

We also released two itineraries in the past week, one for our newest program, Yachting the Turkish Mediterranean, and the other for our rescheduled program to Croatia, Slovenia, and the Adriatic Coast in October of 2021, where we’ve changed the program slightly and have a new (and better ship).

We’ll be doing the webinar for Croatia on August 13, so join us to dream a bit about floating by the spectacular Adriatic Coast.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for your feedback and participation in our community here, in particular as we weather the storm of the pandemic that has all of us travellers grounded for the time being. I don’t think anyone can predict the end just yet, but we can stay hopeful and ready for when we can free our souls on the open road again.


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