Recapping the Future Travel Forum (Part II): Southern Europe

Greetings from Thailand!

This past Thursday we continued our look at some future trip ideas through the lens of our new ‘5×5’ structure, this time taking a look at Southern Europe – Spain, Portugal, the south of France, and Italy.

In this part of Europe there are so many amazing stops you could potentially make that you are spoiled for choice and need to start somewhere…which is where the modular structure of the program comes into play.

The Portugal and Spain itinerary I proposed was in fact more like an ‘5×8’, which is not to suggest you would need to come for a 40 night trip, but rather to highlight the advantages of the setup.

For example, I know a number of our members have been to Porto & Lisbon before as part of a Douro River cruise itinerary; if this is you, you could instead join us for our five nights in the Algarve, or perhaps meet us in Seville to explore the southern coast of Spain.

Or you could even string together modules from the end of our Southern France and Northern Italy itinerary, which ends in Verona, and continue through to Florence for the first part of our Central and Southern Italy itinerary. Or come for them all!  The idea is to strike the perfect balance between structure and flexibility, and the camaraderie of the group with the freedom of exploring on your own.

Our poll results were dead even across all three in terms of which was the favourite for those who joined us on the webinar, which makes sense as there’s a mix of places people have been to and others they haven’t. Whether we’ll do one, two, or all of three of them will depend on the feedback we get from the community.

It was lovely to dream about it all and the feedback is always greatly appreciated. Stay safe and healthy, and consider joining us for Part III, where we’ll switch gears a bit and look at some ideas in Southeast Asia. You can find the link in this week’s newsletter 🙂


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