Restrictions & Possibilities: Where We Are Now vs Where We Want to Go

Greetings from Thailand!

Well, certainly the dominant news of the week from a travel perspective is the new restrictions slowing international travel to and from Canada. And while it’s not the message we might be wishing to hear, the reality is that it’s not a great time to be moving about, and it’s going to take a collective effort to get us through this.

I think a strategy of collective delayed gratification for the short term will give us the best shot of travel in the medium term (rather than the long term), so it seems prudent to hunker down now and get the situation solved.

It’s in this vein that we’ve been thinking about this time next winter, and how we might improve upon the experience of this year. In the past week we presented the full program for next January’s LiveAway program to Koh Samui, and coming up on February 18, we’ll be releasing the full program for our Madeira LiveAway.

Samui is a truly great spot to spend a few weeks relaxing and hanging out with friends, and I’m really looking forward to bringing people to see why I spend my winters in this part of Thailand. If you’re curious to hear what it’s all about, you can find the replay from the Samui webinar below, as well as the registration link for the Madeira webinar happening in a few weeks.

The present conditions are certainly less than ideal, but I think things are trending in the right direction – let’s be patient just a little while longer, and maybe channel some mental energy toward thoughts about spending time with good friends in warmer climes.


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