Salvaging A Sailing In The Society Islands

Greetings from The Society Islands!

Well, less than 12 hours after embarking aboard our yacht for our program here in French Polynesia, the ship was struck with a catastrophic electrical failure and the remainder of the cruise was cancelled.

Unfortunate indeed, and thankfully a rare experience in all my years of travel, but one that scuttled our plans and forced a rapid salvaging of the situation for our group as best we could.

Some of the group returned home, some opted to enjoy a nice hotel stay here and we were able to find a catamaran for rest of the group who were determined to sail these waters.

It was needless to say quite challenging but generally we came out with a way to rescue the situation, which is more than could be said for the other passengers on the yacht who didn’t come with a hosted group, as they were pretty much left to fend for themselves.

And although things didn’t go according to plan, we have a great group of seasoned travellers and we have been able to continue exploring this remarkable archipelago in an even more intimate experience.

The hubbub of the week and the state of connectivity out here put us slightly behind releasing new trips for you, but next week we’ll have our Lyon & Burgundy program for the fall of 2024 ready for release. It’s a culinary and cultural adventure extraordinaire through some lovely parts of France – do join us for the webinar if you’re curious.

Also upcoming on the webinar front is a revamped Adriatic program for next, Slovenia and the Dalmatian Coast. Join us for that to learn about the different route and different part of this spectacular region that we’ll be exploring next September.

Lots more to come as we wind our way through November…be well, be warm and stay tuned for more adventures in the pipeline.


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