Sardinia & Her Secrets

Greetings from Sardinia!

I’m just wrapping up my journey through Corsica and Sardinia, with my last day here in the charming town of Bosa, on the northwest coast of Sardinia. Though you may not have heard of it, it is touted to be one of the most beautiful towns in all of Italy, and from where I stand it most certainly has a strong case.

I know from our New Member Questionnaire that many travellers in our community are here to find unusual, more off-the-beaten path travel experiences. Italy writ large is perhaps the most beaten path of all, but it’s for good reason and there are many facets to this gem.

Many if not most of our members have been to at least one part of Italy, though few of us have made it to the incredible coastlines of Corsica and Sardinia.

While you’ll find less of Italy’s artistic and historical marvels here, you are more than compensated with natural beauty and pleasing energetic pace. Like our Madeira LiveAway, it’s the perfect spot for a more active few weeks, as the hiking around the coasts and forests is truly spectacular.

The food is excellent, with some unique local flavours to widen your experience of Italian cuisine, and there may be something even more special than that here. This region of Italy is known for the remarkably long lifespans of its residents, which I suspect is some combination of diet, weather, proximity to nature, and relaxed pace of life.

It could be some other secret that requires more time to uncover…something to dig into when we come to explore, likely in the spring of 2024.

In trip news, this past week we did the webinar and in your newsletter you’ll find the full itinerary for our latest 2023 program, Yachting in Tahiti & French Polynesia. We’ll follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook and William Bligh as we sail through this remote archipelago, though with far fewer mutinies and far more pleasant relations with the locals.

It’s far-flung indeed and that is part of the fun of it…take a look in your newsletter should you be interested.

In the week ahead we’ll be presenting a webinar for an exciting program through Cambodia and Vietnam for the end of next year. I’ve managed to charter a ship so it will be a full Wheel & Anchor contingent…how fun 🙂 Do join us on Thursday if you might like to come along.

I’ve heard from friends back home in Toronto that the first snows have descended…stay warm & well! I’ll be tuning in next week from off the east coast of Africa, where I’ll be investigating the merits of a LiveAway trip to Mauritius. Perhaps I can channel some sunshine through next week’s newsletter.


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