Sicily Part I is here…and other combinations

Greetings from Bergen, Norway!

I’m here to do some reconnaissance and to meet the owners of a new Norwegian coastal cruise ship company before heading off to Ireland for our next Wheel & Anchor trip, followed shortly thereafter by hosting another group on our Scandinavia & the Baltics program.

As my travels, our travels, and the huge cruise ship docked in the harbour behind me suggest, travel continues to roar back! And therefore we need some new adventures to look forward to…which is why I’m pleased to release Part I of our Sicily LiveAway this week 🙂

Normally we release our LiveAways as four-week programs, but I decided to release the first two weeks of Sicily in Syracuse earlier because we have a shorter-than-usual hold on the aparthotels I have secured for us for the program, and I want to make sure our members who want to join us can do so.

The shorter hold is due to the aforementioned resurgence of people travelling – the demand for space is huge but supply remains low, as many hotels all over the world were forced to permanently close over the past several years.

We will be releasing Sicily Part II: Cefalu in June, after I make a quick trip down there to meet our partners on the ground and ensure things are up to standard, which I wasn’t able to do when in Italy last month.

There is however one other reason to call your attention to two-week segments of our LiveAways, and that is the bigger vision for next winter. A number of members joined us for 6 and 8 weeks of LiveAways this year, and very much enjoyed the opportunity to both stay away longer and to have new places to explore while doing so.

So for next winter, we’ve set the whole thing up in consecutive two-week segments, so you could join us for a number of different combinations should you so desire. Here’s a chart that lays it out all the possible combinations, of which there are more than I can easily explain!

Altogether the flow goes Madeira > Malta > Sicily > Cyprus > Amalfi > Tuscany, with a number of different options through the middle.

If you wanted a taste of them all, you could do 2 weeks Madeira + 2 weeks Malta + 2 weeks Cyprus Part I + 2 weeks Sicily Part II + 2 weeks Amalfi and 2 or 4 weeks in Tuscany to wrap it all up…or just choose any two consecutive segments and build from there.

It’s definitely a bit logistically challenging to set it up this way, but I think it creates the best possible experience for us as travellers, and the greatest opportunity to meet different members of our community on the various segments.

The goal of course is not just to spend time in all these wonderful places, but also to make new friends and deepen our connections with one another, so our next adventures are even more fun!

So, apologies for the long explanation and any confusion regarding why this LiveAway appears to be shorter than usual…and of course if you have any questions, please get in touch.


Gordon Dreger
Founder, Wheel & Anchor

P.S. We’ve already released our 2023 Madeira & Malta LiveAways; the others mentioned above – Cyprus, Sicily Part II, Amalfi, and Tuscany – will all be released by end of June 2022.

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