Single supplements: What they are, how they work, and what can be done about them

Greetings from the tropics!

I’ve been here in Thailand for barely a week and the “creative juices” that are behind all of the travel experiences we have to offer are flowing.

As much as I enjoy winter and a white Christmas, I find it energizing to spend some time under the tropical sun and I know that many of our members feel the same. For me this is the time to think about all of the new information I have gathered in order to make the best travel experiences possible.

In my short video this week, I’ve tried to explain a bit about what’s behind the single supplement that is charged for those who travel on their own. I spent some time reading through your responses to our member questionnaire, and there were lots of questions about single supplements and what can be done about them. 

As someone who often travels on their own scouring the world for new travel opportunities and experiences, I am confronted with this challenge often myself. 

While I can’t pretend that I have a simple solution to this annoying problem, I hope that my explanation sheds a little light on why it exists and how we are trying to find ways to accommodate growing demand for single travel.

Also, as mentioned in the video, we have our first in a series of informative webinars upcoming on Thursday, December 13th, for our Austrian Spa & Wellness program happening this coming April. The idea behind the webinar is to create an opportunity for you learn what a stay at a truly unique, womens-only spa is like, and to give you a chance to ask questions about spas, wellness travel or women’s travel in general.

All the best and keep on travelling!

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