Some Inspirations for Travel Next Winter

Greetings from Thailand!

Some months ago we ran a webinar on ‘Long Stay’ travel and the likelihood – and appeal – of it becoming more of a trend in travel post-pandemic. We had a great response from our community about the idea of spending more time in some more interesting destinations than the traditional ‘down south’ options, and since then we’ve been pulling together more information on how it might all work.

I’m pleased to release those efforts this week in the form of our LiveAways Inspirations: Winter 2021-2022 piece, which features 3 destinations we mentioned in our webinar – Cyprus, Madeira, and Koh Samui – and one we didn’t – New Zealand:

Now, just to clarify, this is an inspiration piece designed to give you a better idea of what these programs could look like – where we’d go, what we could do there, and how it would all work. From there we hope to get your feedback on the ideas presented over the next few weeks and months so we can put together the most popular ones.

This winter may not be something many of us are looking forward to, but next winter could be! Never underestimate the power of a wonderful experience to look forward to, particularly in the midst of challenging times.

In other news, we had to change the date of our Incredible Rail Journeys (Part III) webinar to December 9 to accommodate our partners in Australia, which is also why we’ll be doing it in the evening. Join us to look at two rail journeys crossing Australia – the East-West Indian Pacific and the North-South journey known as The Ghan. Please join us if you’re free for some lively chat and banter.

I hope you find some inspiration in the piece below, and as always, your feedback is very important to me and is greatly appreciated, as we aspire to live our commitment to be a member-driven organization. Stay warm & stay positive 🙂


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