Some thoughts on the recent bailout of Air Canada

Greetings from Thailand!

I’m sure most travellers in Canada by now have heard about the government decision to bail out Air Canada, as the airline industry worldwide is reeling from the ongoing pandemic.

I did a video about the subject of bailing out the airlines all the way back last March, and with the situation still raging over a year later, it’s no surprise to find ourselves where we are on this.

I’ve made a short video with some thoughts on the bigger picture of Canada as a destination for tourism, pricing, and how we as Canadians could imagine a better future for our national carrier.

I’ve been critical of aspects of Air Canada’s service after having worked with them for years and years in the travel business, and I hope this somehow comes with some restructuring and rethinking of what it means to operate an airline in a country like Canada.

In other news this week, we’ve just released the itinerary for our rescheduled Norway program, which has been pushed to the spring of 2022 – you can find the link to the itinerary in your newsletter and the webinar registration link as well if you’d like to join us for that.

Lots more to come in the near future, including our first 5×5 itineraries we mentioned from our Trip Inspiration survey at the end of last year.

Stay safe and let’s ride out this storm within a storm with our eyes to what’s ahead.


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