The Gardens and the ‘Last Calls’

Greetings from Estonia!

On my way back to Canada I decided to stop and get a little bit of European summer in with a stop in Estonia to check out a music festival with some friends. After that a few other stops, then back to the Motherland for a taste of Canadian summer…give me all the summers!

I’m pleased this week to release our 2024 Gardens of England and France program, which will be hosted next May by my good friend and flower expert extraordinaire, Todd Kjargaard.

We last hoped to run this in 2020 and 2021, but were foiled by pandemic fallout; perhaps 2024 is our year to get out and smell the flowers. We’ll be visiting the jardins des plantes in France and Chelsea Flower Show in London, with a few other little delights along the way.

We’ll cap off the trip with the Chelsea Flower Show, one of the world’s most prestigious flower and garden exhibitions. If you’ve got a horticultural streak in you, this is perhaps the best inspiration you’ll find for your own gardening endeavours.

As for trips already released, we’re coming up on the ‘last call’ phase for a number of programs which are either nearly full or are in places where the hotels will be reclaiming any unbooked rooms from us in a very short time.

We have just a handful of spots left for a few of our fall trips, including one cabin left for each of our Yachting the Turkish Mediterranean and Yachting in Tahiti & French Polynesia programs.

We’re also nearly out of space for our Croatia & the Adriatic Coast and Mekong programs, so if you feel like some sailing this fall, do get in touch before things fill up or space has to be returned.

Lastly, it’s not for a year from now but we’re also running up on the time to give back any spots for our African Rail Odyssey program, so please do let us know if a train safari in southern Africa next June is of interest to you.

Just a short one this week as I must run to listen to some music…I hope your long weekend was wonderful, and stay tuned for more trips and webinars in the weeks ahead 🙂


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