The gift of travel and things to come

Greetings from Madeira!

Sunny and warm is both the weather here and the feeling in my heart, as I’m about to welcome the arrival of our members to Madeira, the first Wheel & Anchor trip in ages and our first ever LiveAway program.

There is an energy shift about and while the pandemic continues to insist on its presence, there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on that suggests to me the end of this challenging time draws near.

It’s obviously a little early to speak of the pandemic’s end in definite terms, but as we forge ahead with travel and a new future, I think it’s critical to take stock of the lessons of the past few years.

Every moment on this planet is precious, as is every life, and it’s never been more important to focus on love for one another and the Earth herself. Choosing to work together, choosing connection over separation, and choosing over over fear will all be vitally important in the times ahead.

Travel certainly isn’t the answer to our problems; indeed they vastly exceed it and we must be very careful not to indulge in escapism from the challenges facing us all. But insofar as travelling is a gift and a chance to open ourselves up to the greater meaning in our lives, we can soak in every moment and remind ourselves just how beautiful our world truly is.

Where isolation, fear, and separation have in many ways defined the past few years, I believe connection, love, and unity can define the next few – if we choose them, both individually and collectively.

I’m delighted to share this first travel experience in many moons with members of this community, and I’m no less excited for ones to come, hopefully with you.

Next winter we’re launching back-to back-to back LiveAways to Koh Samui, Bali, and New Zealand to create an opportunity to step out and really spend some time away from home, all in good company. I’m pleased to release the full itinerary for our Bali LiveAway this week, which you can find in your newsletter.

Bali is one of those places with a special energy – tropical, relaxing, spiritual – and the perfect place to spend a month of the winter. Take a look and join us for the webinar should you be interested – schedule changes en route to Madeira required another postponement (my apologies) and thus there’s still time for you to join us 🙂

Next week will be the webinar for our Samui LiveAway experience, so join us and allow yourself to dream a bit about what’s possible for next winter if you’re staying home for this one.

Now if you’ll excuse me I must go prepare for the arrival of our members Keep your thoughts positive and share your smile wherever you go…even the challenges are gifts in disguise, waiting to be revealed.


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