The Insider’s Report from Europe + a garden trip!

Greetings from Thailand!

I took the opportunity this week to make some calls to check in on a number of our partners and colleagues in Europe to find out how they’re doing, what the picture looks like on the ground there, and what the general mood is toward travel these days.

I spoke at length with some of our partners in Croatia, the UK, and Austria, and pulled together a short synopsis of what they had to say in this video:

Also mentioned in the video – we’ll be launching our ‘Gardens of England and France featuring the Chelsea Flower Show’ on May 19, where I’ll be joined by one of Toronto’s top floral designers and my good friend Todd Kjaargard, who will also be hosting the program.

In essence it’s a springtime trip through Paris and Orléans to see the beautiful irises and classic French Gardens there, before heading to London for the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show, perhaps the #1 flower and gardening show on the planet.

Even if your thumbs are not so green, it will be a trip full of colour and life, and I have no doubt it will leave you energized and perhaps even motivated to get your garden going at home.

The week after we also have our second Virtual Travel Trivia, which I’m really looking forward to, as it was tons of fun last time! Join us to challenge your brain a little bit, see some beautiful photography from all over the planet, and have a chance to win a $100 travel credit for any of our programs once things get going again.

Registration links for both can be found in your newsletter…join us!

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