The Many Dimensions of Italy

Greetings from Sorrento!

We’ve just arrived for our first LiveAway program here on the Amalfi Coast, and there’s a fresh group of new members joining a number who were with us in Sicily the past few weeks, and who came here with me via the magnificent Aeolian Islands.

We’ve arrived in Sorrento just in time for the Easter long weekend, and it’s unquestionably busier than it was in Sicily, where we were early in the season and it was relatively quiet. That’s no surprise, of course – everything thus far is postcard-picture-perfect and this is why so many flock to the Amalfi Coast.

Our path to get here highlights one of Italy’s deepest appeals for travellers – each region is noticeably and considerably different from one another, but connected in all the ways that make Italy great.

Next spring we’re going to change the program for the Amalfi region, away from the longer 2-week LiveAway style and toward what we call a ‘Sojourn,’ which is a series of connected 5-7 night stays. Longer than the 3-night stays on our Experience trips but shorter than LiveAways, it’s a slightly different balance of Wheeling and Anchoring that will let us see more while keeping present to the spirit of slow travel.

So, what we’ll do is spend a week in Sorrento, then head overland by train to Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot. Here we’ll spend time in parts of the region, and those keen to join us on to Tuscany for a revamped Sojourn-style trip there are welcome.

There are so many dimensions to Italy that it is impossible to capture them all in one trip, but if you wanted to take a shot at it, you could join us for the whole Sicily-Amalfi-Puglia-Tuscany adventure next spring! Or join us for one or more parts…each facet shines in its own special way.

So, most of that is yet to be released, but w’ve got the Sicily portion for 2024 ready for you this week, similar to this year’s successful trip with some minor changes. Do take a look in your newsletter should you be interested.

Lots more to come, including Spring 2024 programs to Morocco and Portugal, and a unique yoga-wellness program in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Be well and present to the first signs of spring…there are many adventures to come 🙂


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