Thoughts on Bali 2023 + Releasing Bali 2024

Greetings from Bali!

We’ve had a delightful kickoff to our LiveAway program here and I am soaking in the final few breaths of tropical air before I head off to Europe to meet our next group of travellers in Malta.

The group here is a mix of travellers just arriving to the tropics and a number who joined us for some or all of our Koh Samui LiveAway trip that just wrapped up. It’s a perfect mix in the sense that there’s already a community vibe from those who’ve gotten to know one another in Thailand, and there’s a blast of new energy from the new arrivals to keep things interesting.

I was chatting the other day with some members who were with us in Samui about the different energy between the two tropical islands, and we were discussing how our lazy brains lump places like these into the same category and thus treat them as homogenous beach places, when in fact they are anything but.

To the logical mind, that they are different is unsurprising – it is a different country, different spiritual culture, cuisine etc – but somehow the contrast feels surprising in its starkness; the right side of the brain grasps the essence of the whole and all the little fascinating details that make it worthy of exploration.

My conclusion is that you’ve seen one tropical island, you have not in fact seen them all…and so it’s only appropriate to find some more to visit! The first of these will be our 2024 Mauritius and Réunion LiveAway that’s making its way through our organizing pipeline as I write this.

We are of course returning to Bali around the same time next year, the full details of which you can find in the 2024 itinerary in your newsletter, and the webinar replay here.. Like our 2024 Samui program, you could join us for two or four weeks in either or both, or perhaps combine them with Mauritius.

As for upcoming trips to be released, we’ve got three webinars in the weeks ahead – our 2024 Cyprus LiveAway, our return to Egypt & the Holy Land, and our rescheduled 2024 Samui LiveAway webinar. Registration links for all can be found in your newsletter and replays will be sent to all who sign up in case you miss the live broadcast.

I’ll leave it there as I’m about to hop on a series of flights to get reacquainted with the Mediterranean…more trips, webinars, and stories coming in the weeks ahead.


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