Thoughts About River Cruising

Well fall is here and the shifts have begun…it’s cooling off, the leaves are starting to change, and people are starting to think more about travel!

Wheel & Anchor was the grand prize sponsor for an event raising money for the hospice here in Collingwood last night, and over the course of the evening I met a number of travellers

The topic of river cruising came up on several occasions, with people somewhat surprisingly either huge fans or utterly against them.

River cruising has taken off in popularity, and with good reason. Here’s some of my thoughts on why it’s become such a hot travel topic in the last few years:


As I mentioned in the video, although most people associate river cruising predominantly with Europe, there are some spectacular cruising experiences on the world’s great rivers, including the Nile, the Mekong, the Yangtze…the list goes on!

If you’re a fan or considering trying it out, I genuinely believe it’s at least worth an experiment to see if it suits your travel style.

Curious for more? Check out Wheel & Anchor’s upcoming cruise of the Elbe here!

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