Tour Reflections & Event Anticipation!

We have just wrapped up our incredible tour of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia, and what an experience it was! Great group, great food, great wine, mindblowing mountain vistas…really just incredible.

I’ve shared a few thoughts in a short video here:

Next week I’ll be giving my full review of the experience of travelling to this incredible region, but I can definitely say I’m keen to go back.

Tourism is only just starting to get on track here – which means all kinds of great things for the region, but also for groups of travellers with the inside track.

Consider that everyone and their mother wants to go to Croatia right now (with good reason, and no exceptions around here), but barely twenty years ago, the tourism industry was in shambles due to the Balkan wars, and no one would go there.

Nowadays it has fully rebounded and if anything suffers from too much tourism (hence our megayacht progam is designed to give us all of the experience with none of the crowds), and it’s hard not to think ‘damn, I knew I should have gone there 5 years earlier’.

Gergeti Trinity Church, shot from Gord's drone
Gergeti Trinity Church, shot from Gord’s drone

I am firmly of the opinion that the Caucasus region will very much be on the mainstream radar within the next 5 years; it really is an up-and-coming region for travellers, foodies, history buffs, you name it.

We’ll be putting another group together to explore this region for sure, so if you’re keen stay tuned and we’ll be putting that up shortly.

Anyway, a full review to come in next week’s newsletter, or come and find us at the Zoomer Show and I’ll tell you all about it! I’m giving two talks there about trends in group travel for the next decade, and I’ll definitely be sharing some insights and observations from our recently finished tour.

So if you’re able, come out and say hi (be sure to save yourself the $10 and get a free ticket from us), and if you’re not in Southern Ontario or can’t make it, send us an email and say hi anyway!


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