Morocco: Land of Enchantment 2024

18th March 2024 - 1st April 2024

Join Wheel & Anchor for an exploration of the great cities of Casablanca, Marrakech and Fes before heading across the Atlas Mountains, the barrier between the coastal regions and the vast Sahara Desert. Here we'll experience the harsh beauty of the landscape in a luxurious tented camp.

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W&A LiveAways: Sicily 2024

30th March 2024 - 13th April 2024

Join us for a two-week adventure exploring Sicily's charming villages, ancient ruins, and breathtaking coastline. You'll quickly discover the island's unique culture, which stands out from mainland Italy. Additionally, our journey will unveil the island's hidden treasures and culinary wonders, offering a richer experience than one could achieve on their own.

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Crossing the Andes: Argentina & Chile 2024

31st March 2024 - 13th April 2024

Join Wheel & Anchor for an in-depth experience in South America's southernmost countries. In the spirit of slow travel, we'll spend a week exploring each of the capital cities of Buenos Aires and Santiago and their surroundings. In between we'll have the chance to explore Mendoza, the hub of Argentinian wine making, and we'll end in its Chilean counterpart, the Colchagua Valley.

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Australia: Adventure Down Under

3rd April 2024 - 16th April 2024

Join Wheel & Anchor for an unforgettable adventure 'Down Under' - we'll explore Adelaide, Sydney, Cairns, and Port Douglas, as well as the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, and some of the country's most famous wine regions, with an optional extension to the majestic Uluru in the Outback.

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The Algarve: The South Coast of Portugal 2024

11th April 2024 - 20th April 2024

Join Wheel & Anchor for a week on Portugal's splendid southern coast. Between touring the area's picturesque villages and just soaking up the Mediterranean sun, there will be just enough balance between sightseeing and relaxation to make for a perfect holiday on its own or an ideal part of our overall month long sojourn.

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Southern Italy: Amalfi & Puglia April 2024

13th April 2024 - 28th April 2024

Join Gordon to look at a 16-day journey through the enchanting landscapes of Southern Italy. We'll explore Naples, Pompeii, Capri, and Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast before heading to charming Locorotondo and Lecce to explore the less-visited region of Puglia.

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Sardinia Sojourn

13th April 2024 - 23rd April 2024

Join Wheel & Anchor for a mesmerizing journey through Sardinia as we split our time between the vibrant city of Cagliari and the charming seaside town of Alghero. From these spots we'll discover all the diverse landscapes, rich history, and exquisite cuisine that this Italian gem has to offer.

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Porto & the Douro Valley 2024

20th April 2024 - 28th April 2024

Join Wheel & Anchor for a week in the culinary capital of Portugal where you'll have ample time to sample many of the food and beverage delicacies for which this city and surrounding countryside is so well known.

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The Galapagos: Laboratory of Evolution

20th April 2024 - 6th May 2024

The ecosystem of the Galapagos is like no other on the planet. Darwin recognized its uniqueness when we developed his theories on the origin of species. For those lucky enough to make the trip, the experience of not just seeing, but being with the local fauna so close that you have to back away rather than step closer, is one that is hardly found elsewhere. And this whole experience is prefaced by an amazing journey from the capital Quito down the “avenue of the volcanoes” on the mainland itself.

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