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22 of the Best Things to Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark: the Danish capital is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a rich history which has attracted travellers for centuries. Here are some of the best things to do ...
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10 Things to Do in Madeira, Portugal

One of the best things about Madeira is that it's a small island, so you can explore its different villages and towns fairly easily and really get to know the ...
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6 things to do in Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a stunning island in Greece that attracts millions of tourists each year, and with good reason. Its iconic white-walled architecture, stunning sunset spots, and vibrant restaurants make it ...
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Secret spots in Malta you’ll definitely want to visit

Despite its small size, Malta is packed to the gills with things to do and places to visit. The downside of this is that many destinations across this tiny archipelago ...
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The Palladian villas of the Veneto

Simplicity, elegance, and precision define Palladian architecture — as well as the man behind this distinctive and enduring architectural style. Andrea Palladio was a humble stonecutter who rose from obscurity ...
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Exploring Indonesia’s enchanting islands

Each of Indonesia’s 17,000-plus islands has something for everyone — whether you’re a thrill-seeker gearing up for your next adventure, an escapist needing to chill out and recharge, or a ...
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A walk through the different souks and medinas of Morocco

Morocco is a modern country, but one cannot help but be enamored of its deep reverence for tradition and culture. In modern Morocco, old-style living hasn’t disrupted its coming of ...
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Cruising Croatia: Why a small-ship cruise beats a megaship cruise

Cruise ships call year-round at Croatia’s numerous port towns, carrying happy holidaymakers eager to explore the country’s historic cities, lush forests, magnificent mountains, idyllic islands, and immaculate beaches. Aside from ...
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Why Norway’s commitment to eco-travel is good news for the eco-conscious

Ecotourism isn’t a mere trend in Norway — it has been the constant tourism framework. After all, Norway has some of the world’s most spectacular natural attractions. Ecotourism promotes responsible ...
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Cruising Croatia and the Adriatic: A traveller’s guide

The fact that Croatia has one of the longest coastlines in the world makes it a popular tourist destination. The country’s beaches consistently rank high on lists of the world’s ...
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