Travel in the Context of Canada Reopening

Greetings from Thailand!

I was speaking to a number of friends back in Canada this past week, and the warmth of summer and positive energy of being free of most of the shackles of the past year and a half or so was palpable in all my conversations.

It’s wonderful to hear such joy over some of life’s simple pleasures – whether it’s haircuts and hugs, or patios and pints, I think we can and should celebrate the opportunity to do them all and bathe in feelings we’ve been restricted from for so long.

I think it’s valid to ask where travel fits in this picture – with all this positive energy bubbling up, can we channel it toward our dreams of seeing the world again?

My view on this is that now is a good opportunity to do smaller trips to see friends and family (if those trips are small…some are not), but that bigger desires to get out and explore may be better left simmering on the backburner for a few months yet.

I am personally chomping at the bit to get to Europe and do some reconnaissance for upcoming programs, but reports from on the ground there from friends and colleagues suggest there is still much to be figured out there, and restrictions could return very quickly.

I certainly empathize with the urge to move and express one’s freedom, but the voice of reason to me seems to be advising caution as yet. It’s a great time for consideration of possible adventures, and even to make plans for the future, but perhaps venturing further afield is a bit premature.

And of course if you are in need of a little dose of anticipation, I’m pleased to release the itineraries for our Boating the Canal du Midi program and our October 2022 sailing of our Croatia, Slovenia & the Adriatic program, both of which you can find in your newsletter.

In the weeks ahead we’ll also be fully relaunching our new and improved Cyprus LiveAway, and then the second part of our France ‘Kaleidoscope’ trip that immediately precedes the Canal du Midi, where we’ll be exploring the gastronomic centres of Lyon and Burgundy – you can also register for either (or both!) webinars in the newsletter.

Travel is an incredible gift, but I’m occasionally reminded there are joys to be found in closer to home, and ultimately that’s an exercise of attention, awareness, and gratitude – three states of mind that will only make your next trip abroad better in every aspect. Looking forward to sharing all of that with you in the weeks and months to come.


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