Travelling with Intention + Previewing Tuscany

Greetings from Thailand!

I was musing over our trip release calendar this past week and lamenting the limits of space and time that prevent us from going everywhere that our traveller hearts desire. Everywhere is certainly on the list, but if there were limits before on how we might accomplish that, there are certainly a few more – at least in the near future – as we climb out of this pandemic mess and into a new world.

As I was thinking through it all, it occurred to me that constraints are not actually a bad thing – they force us to be more intentional in asking what it is that we really want to accomplish, and thus help us to limit our choices so we can actually make one (anyone looking at a list of possible adventures knows what I mean…).

I shared a few reflections about it all in this week’s video blog, a topic which syncs nicely with the release of our latest LiveAway program to Tuscany, scheduled for April 2022. It’s a special two-part LiveAway that features two weeks in charming Florence, followed by two weeks in authentic Italian villas in the Tuscan countryside.

Italy of course has so much to offer, and that’s why it remains one of the world’s top destinations for travellers. I think a month there allows plenty of time to both explore and relax, and thus whatever your intention you ought to be able to realize it should you fancy joining us for that.

We’ll be doing our usual Q&A webinar about the program this coming Thursday at 11am EST, so if you’re curious about what the whole vision will be or have questions, please join us for that.

I’ll end by sharing my intention to keep putting out inspiring trips for this community, with an intention to share a glass of wine with you all when things get going again.


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