Announcing the winners from our Trip Inspiration Survey prize draw!

Greetings from Thailand!

I’d like to begin with a massive thank-you to our community here for your feedback and ideas in our annual Trip Inspiration survey. This year more than ever it’s crucial for us to be in sync with the dreams of the community, as we collectively wait for the skies to brighten and the horizon appear through the fog.

Though my team and I have spent a lot of time in 2020 cancelling and rescheduling trips, we’re excited to start the planning phase of the most popular trips from our survey! Fingers crossed we won’t have to cancel any this time around 😉

In my short video below I’ve previewed next week’s webinar, where I’ll be sharing some of the key insights, surprises, and next steps that have arisen from the survey. Join us to add your thoughts to the discussion! I’ve also announced the ten winners of the Canadian Tire gift cards in the video…perhaps you were one of the lucky winners?

Next up in our webinar series will be the launch on February 4th for our first LiveAway program aimed for January 2022 in Koh Samui, Thailand. I’m particularly excited to share more of these programs we’ve been working on, as I think spending a month or more away next winter will be a great help in putting the challenges of this winter behind us! You can find the registration details below.

Lastly, I’m aware that the situation in Canada right now is pretty grim in many parts of the country, and my thoughts are with all of you who are cooped up with cabin fever. The past year has been a real challenge for perseverance and faith, and it appears we have to hold strong for a little while yet.

I wish I could offer more than words of encouragement and a bit of optimism, but for the time being it’s all I can humbly provide. But if we stay the course and do our individual parts to help us collectively get through this, then we can get into the wine together 🙂


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