Trondheim in a day

Trondheim is Norway’s third-largest city, and is home to colorful waterfront warehouses, scenic waterways, and lush, wooded hills. The city is the country’s historic capital, and it holds a wealth of wonders to be explored.

Colourful wooden houses in Trondheim, Norway
Colourful wooden houses in Trondheim, Norway

Check out this short itinerary of Trondheim’s sensory adventure:

At the break of dawn

Trondheim’s quiet beauty is best experienced at break of day, on the colorful wharves along the River Nidelva. These fishing buildings have stood there since the 18th century, and are a constant reminder of Trondheim’s mercantile history.

There are a few city tour options you can go for just before lunch, such as the Segway Tour and the Inner Circle Walking Audio Tour. These guided tours are great ways to explore the city at your own pace, and they lead to many fantastic photo opportunities while providing historical context to the architectural and cultural marvels across town.

The city has two cafes and one diner, where you can enjoy breakfast and brunch fare. Cafe ni Muser and Jordbaer Pikene serve inexpensive meals and have an artsy, congenial atmosphere, while the diner Bror is known for its charcoal-grilled burgers and peppers.

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When the sun is high in the sky

Lunch on authentic Norwegian cuisine at one of the top Scandinavian restaurants in the city. Vertshuset Tavern is a historic (circa 1739) tavern that was lifted and transported — down to the last plank and nail — to the Sverresborg Trondelag Folkemuseum and is known for traditional waffles and other cast-iron-stoked dishes. Folk & Fe is a White Guide (Scandinavia’s Michelin Guide) laureate, and is famous for ox tartare, reindeer carpaccio, and foraged berries. Lastly, Baklandet Skydsstasjon is a former 18th-century coaching inn, now known for its iconic Norwegian fish soup, baked salmon, and liver pate.

The afternoon is a great time to explore Trondheim’s museums. Rockheim is Norway’s tribute to pop and rock music, while the Ringve Music Museum is the national museum for music and musical instruments. The city is also home to the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology and the National Military Museum; the former houses displays of Norwegian artefacts, Sami culture items, and exhibits of streetscapes and archeological excavations, while the latter is full of antique swords, armor, and cannons, as well as displays of Trondheim’s role in the World War II resistance.

The Rockheim Music Museum in Trondheim, Norway
The Rockheim Music Museum in Trondheim, Norway

Nightlife and more

Trondheim nightlife is surprisingly robust, but it doesn’t cater to just students and hipsters. Alcohol and coffee lovers will be pleasantly surprised to find that the city has a burgeoning foodie scene. For instance, Trondheim Microbryggeri is a quaint home-brew pub that features the local classic Trondhjems Pils alongside some light eats. You can also sample Trondheim’s best coffee at Dromedar Kaffebar — which is also a barista school. You can sign up for classes at Dromedar to learn the different ways of preparing coffee, such as with a Moka Express, a shakarato, or with a pressing pitcher.

Cap your night off at Ila Brainnstasjon, a Trondheim institution where jazz musicians often turn up to play. They serve a hugely popular cheeseburger, as well as its vegetarian version.

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