Welcome to 2020! Let’s make this our year

Welcome to 2020!

I absolutely love a new start and the new energy that comes with a new year and a new decade. I made a short video to ring it in:

Things mentioned in the video:

Last year we introduced a new kind of program here at Wheel & Anchor called our ‘Weekends’ programs – shorter but still immersive explorations of places not as far from Canada. We kicked them off with Havana in November, and we’ve got two more coming up in March of 2020 as we head to Panama and then the Azores.

These trips are a great way to meet some fellow travellers and get a taste of what we’re all about here at Wheel & Anchor, so if you’re considering travelling a bit in March, then I hope you’ll consider joining us 🙂

Also mentioned in the video: our 2021 Trip Inspiration Questionnaire, where we’re giving away a Tumi Luggage Case at the end of January. We took a look through our new member questionnaire at some of the most requested destinations, pulled that into a wish list, and then put it back to our membership to see where people are most interested in visiting in 2021.

We’ve had tremendous feedback so far and a big thanks to all who have filled it out! A core part of our mission here is to be a member-driven organization, which means listening to you and where you want to go, and making it happen. If you haven’t done it yet, there’s still time to get your feedback in – you can do the questionnaire by clicking here.

Great things to come as we have new digits on the calendar…I hope you rang in the New Year in style and are ready to do some travelling in the months ahead!

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