What our members have to say about Madeira so far

Greetings from Madeira!

We just finished a little tour of the Madeira Botanical Garden, called one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world by Condé Nast, which I’m not about to argue with! With a nickname of ‘The Island of Eternal Spring,’ it’s no surprise that the climate here is perfect for a whole host exotic plants from all over the world.

While walking around, I asked a few members on the trip if they could sum up the trip so far in a short sentence for the newsletter; here’s three of the responses I got:

  •  This place is so magnificent, we feel like we could hug you! – Seeta & Romy
  • The perfect balance between stuff-to-do and not-stuff-to-do – Carol
  • Truly magnificent, and surprising how many people speak English here. – Joe

It has indeed been wonderful and for me personally it’s been a delight to see it unfolding just as we hoped – members getting to know one other, going exploring together for dinner, lots of free time for relaxing, and a lot of talk about travel.

So much in fact that I’ve wondered if I should remind us that we’re presently travelling somewhere really spectacular…but then again, what do you expect travellers to talk about?!? There are so many great places to go 😀

In both these conversations and the emails I’ve received lately there’s a lot of buzz about Tuscany, our Croatia cruise in October, and our Bali & Samui LiveAways next winter, all of which are shaping up to be a lot of fun.

And speaking of Samui, this week I’m pleased to release our January 2023 Koh Samui LiveAway, a trip I am particularly excited about as it’s a chance to show you why I enjoy living in this part of the world when I’m not travelling. 

It was a bummer to cancel it this year, but it was the right call given the situation in Thailand is still a bit bumpy for travellers with all the restrictions. I actually think it will be even better next year, because it will be immediately followed by our Bali LiveAway, and thus you could get two tropical island stays in next winter if you’re thinking about coming all the way to Southeast Asia for one of them. You can find the full itineraries for both in your newsletter.

Lots more coming up soon, including our twice-postponed Bali webinar this week – the third time is definitely the charm, so do join us for that if you think you might like to come along. As well I’ll be doing a video next week on the recent uptick in re-openings and booking volume in the travel industry, and how that might affect things for our community of travellers.

All in all the energy is trending in the right direction, and we’ll continue to put out new trips to dream about in the weeks ahead. Stay positive and do reach out with any questions or comments…our time draws near 🙂


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