What’s your least favourite aspect of group travel?

Greetings from Thailand!

Today I’d like to ask you for a bit of ‘negative’ feedback. As we continue to try to chart a course through the pandemic, we’re using the time to look at ways to improve our trips. So, I’d love to hear from you about your least favourite aspect of group travel.

For some it’s waiting for late members of the group to rejoin the bus that rankles them most; for others it’s not having enough free time in particular places where there’s more to explore. Sometimes it’s the group itself, if there’s a few negative people in it.

I personally believe group travel is the best way to do a great number of travel experiences, and I think it’s even better still when it’s a group of your friends, which is one of our goals here with the community at Wheel & Anchor. I have some ideas from my observations hosting groups for many years, but I’d really love to hear from you so we can up with ways to design even better group travel experiences.

And for those who have never done a group trip before, I’d love to hear from you too. What are your greatest concerns?

I very much appreciate that many of you are not thinking much about travel these days, and I think there are several months in front of us yet before the situation can improve. When it’s safe to travel again we want to offer even better experiences, and your feedback helps us do that.

You can give your feedback in our Poll of the Week:

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