When can we travel again? Thoughts & Perspectives

Greetings from Thailand!

I’ve received a large number of emails lately asking my perspective on the question on many a travellers mind – when can we travel again? I’ve shared some of my thoughts on the matter in the video below:

The bottom line is concept of travel requires going somewhere, and it depends where that somewhere is. I think Canada will also have to continue to have success in stopping transmission at home, and then various travel bubbles will open.

Like many things right now, the situation is changing weekly or even daily, and thus caution and patience (and optimism!) remain valuable attributes in the present moment.

We’ve got a few things upcoming to keep you inspired, including our first interview series event, where I’ll speaking with Mohamed Younes, an Egyptologist and our gracious guide during the Egypt part of our trip in early 2020. He’s a fascinating speaker and possesses a great depth of knowledge on his country, and I very much encourage you to join us for this opportunity to learn firsthand about life in Egypt.

There’s also another Virtual Travel Trivia happening July 9, so dust off your trivia hat and join us to dream about the world’s fascinating people and places. Registration for both virtual events can be found below.

Have a safe and fun Canada Day weekend 🙂


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