How do you feel about long-stay trips?

Greetings from Thailand!

This past week at Wheel & Anchor we were discussing travel trends in a post-pandemic world, and the subject of long-stay holidays came up. In an era where the travel portions of trips in airports and on planes is likely to be less pleasant than it used to be, there’s a greater incentive to stay a little longer when you venture away from home.

I made a short video with my thoughts on long-stay trips, their benefits, and where one might go. I’m also curious to know what the community thinks about them as well, so that’s the theme of the poll of the week, which you can find here.

Speaking of polls, last week’s poll on preferred reading methods was pretty much an even split between digital books and physical books, which is perhaps more digital readers than one might expect…or not? Digital readers make a lot of sense for travellers!

Coming up on Tuesday next week is our first in a new series of interviews we’re doing, this one with Egyptologist Mohamed Younes, where we’ll be talking about life in Egypt since the Egyptian Revolution, why it has seen a resurgence in tourism, and how they’ve been coping with the virus there. Join us for what I’m sure will be a fascinating conversation.

We’ve also got our 4th Virtual Travel Trivia event happening on Thursday, so get out your trivia hat and join us for some fun 🙂

I hope your summer is underway as pleasantly as possible – stay safe and we’ll be in touch soon!

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